Recipe of ripe bananas with cheese in pan


Recipe of ripe bananas with cheese in a pan

In Venezuela, there are a variety of types and recipes of bananas and each has a name. The cambur, the pygmy, the apple tree, the mole and the banana are shown in a newspaper in shops and street stalls. In Europe they only know two classes and both call them banana. The banana, which in Venezuela is known as banana, has endless uses in the kitchen: soups, boiled, cakes, tortillas, as a companion or main dish, sweets and a long etcetera.

In the Caribbean, there is always banana at lunch, it seems to be another bread on the table. Nothing is wasted from the banana, because vegans use it to prepare the loin meat. Also, in December the leaf of the tree is used to wrap the hallacas fragrances … mmm! Even sweets and foods can be presented in these fragrant leaves, giving them an exotic elegance. When you present yourself in the presence of this tree, the smell that comes from a blow by the breeze, says: welcome to the Caribbean!

This fruit is an excellent companion to prepare recipes with banana and meat, chicken, chocolate, ham, eggs or cheese, among others. For this reason, the list of typical Venezuelan dishes with bananas is infinite, without exaggeration: patacones, fried plantains, banana fritters, banana cachapas, banana arepas, banana cake, ribeye pie, banana cake, slices, banana Boiled, etc.

This time in RecipesGratis shared with you a recipe for ripe bananas with cheese in a very simple pan, so you can enjoy the wonderful Caribbean fruit. In this opportunity, the banana shows its versatility, combined with white cheese. The typical salty and sweet flavor of these lands!

But the male banana is not only rich … no. It has many nutrients, ideal to keep you healthy and vigorous @. Among which can be mentioned Magnesium, potassium and vitamins C, B-6 and A.

How good is this type of ripe banana with cheese? Well, similar to the familiar family: helps the digestive system, benefits the parents, balances blood sugar, levels blood pressure, protects the heart, nourishes the skin, improves eyesight, strengthens bones, provides energy, eliminates wrinkles, keeps a free radical line … it makes you smile!

1 diner
Low difficulty
Additional features: Cheap ribs, Venezuelan recipes, fried
1 ripe banana
200 grams of grated white cheese
1 tablespoon butter
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Steps to follow to make this recipe: Put the ingredients on the table to prepare this recipe on a plate of ripe banana with cheese … It’s only 3!

Recipe of ripe bananas with cheese in a pan –

Use a skillet preferably non-stick. Moisten the bottom with water a little. Make a vertical cut to the banana. You can place a lid for the heat to concentrate, but leave a small space for the steam to come out.

Cook the ripe banana from side to side, 8 minutes or 10, per side. Do not let the water dry. How practical is this recipe in a pan!

Recipe of ripe bananas with cheese in the pan –

When the banana is ready, peel it and open it in half. Place the butter in the pan and sauté the banana a little. Then, deposit the grated white cheese in the center. Wait until it melts a little. How delicious are the fried plantains stuffed with cheese!

Recipe of ripe bananas with cheese in a pan –

The ripe banana with fried cheese, gives off a smell that invites you to … devour it! I invite you to try this recipe at home … you will repeat. Oh, do not forget to take a picture and comment! Would you like more recipes with banana? Well, tell me if these ripe bananas with skillet cheese you like I like how I like more recipes for ripe bananas like this one.

Recipe of ripe bananas with Skillet cheese –
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