Recipe of fried plantains with sugar

Recipe of fried plantains with sugar

Tasty breakfast Salvadoran style.

With the ripe banana you can find recipes and dishes you can find dishes of sweet and sweet dishes in this case, fried plantains with sugar, which despite being a dish of sweet nuances. It is served as a side dish for savory dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

2 diners
Low level of difficulty
Additional characteristics: Economic cost, Recommended for vegans, Fried traditional recipe from El Salvador
1 Mature banana or Banana male
4 ounces of oil for frying
1 Tablespoon of sugar to taste It could also
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Steps to follow to make this recipe:

Peel the bananas and cut them into slices and, in a pan, put the oil in heat. Remember that while bananas are more mature, the plate of fried plantains will be better.

When the oil is already hot, place the banana slices in brown. I recommend the sea over low heat, and that otherwise the bananas will burn before they are at their point. Cooking on a low heat is very important.

In the part that does not yet brown, pour the sugar so that when they are golden brown take a rich flavor. I recommend adding about three fingers of sugar.

Serve bananas fried with sugar and enjoy them at any time, just with refried beans and sour cream.

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