Recipe for ripe banana pie

Recipe for ripe banana pie

The empanada is another of the pampered of the Venezuelan table and in fact, is the closest competitor of corn arepa, during breakfast. The original empanada or the best known, is made with pre-cooked corn flour. However, the imagination of the Venezuelan is restless, so there are many versions, as varied as delicious: pies of sweet potato, yucca, carrot and banana among others.

A empanada is a very complete breakfast because it gathers protein and carbohydrates in one bite. For this reason, RecipesGratis brings you this delicious appetizer in an irresistible version: ripe banana pie.

The male banana is a graceful fruit, has many nutritional qualities, as well as a delicious flavor and pleasant texture. Ideal substitute for flour in many recipes, it becomes an ally for celiacs. The banana is versatile because it combines with many foods, both sweet and salty. Imagine how delicious a ripe banana pie can be?

The preparation of a pie is very easy, the steps are very similar to those made to prepare an arepa. The flour is prepared in the same way, the only difference is that the thickness of the product is much thinner and the shape is similar to a half circle.

What fillings do Venezuelan empanadas carry? Creole pavilion, black beans with cheese, cheese and ham, ground beef, cheese, mechada meat, dogfish, tuna and many others. But the one we teach you to prepare step by step in this easy recipe is a cheese pie, that if you want you can modify it to your liking and fill it with what you want, the important thing is that you will enjoy a no-flour empanda, made with banana dough mature.

3 diners
Low difficulty
Additional features: Cheap cost, Recommended for vegetarians, Gluten free recipe, Fried, Venezuelan recipes
3 Ripe bananas
300 grams of semi-hard white cheese
100 milliliters of vegetable oil
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Steps to follow to make this recipe:
The first step to making our banana dough, will be to cook the bananas. Then place in a saucepan the ripe bananas, chopped with peel, as shown in the photo, and let boil until tender.

Recipe for ripe banana pie – Step 1
Strain the bananas very well so that the dough is not very soft and remove the skin.

Recipe for ripe banana pie – Step 2

Put the bananas in a bowl and crush them until they form a puree. Do it while they are still hotter than lukewarm.

Recipe for ripe banana pie – Step 3
Then knead the puree until obtaining a homogeneous mass for Venezuelan empanadas. It is very important not to overcook the bananas so that the dough we make with them is consistent, if by chance you have passed, you can always add a little wheat flour to the mixture.

Recipe for ripe banana pie – Step 4
Use a clean, medium-sized bag, cut it in half and place it on the table. Divide the ball of dough into four more balls. Put one of those balls on the surface of the bag.

Stir the dough with your fingers, until you reach a dough as thin as possible but thick enough so that it does not break when frying. The thickness can be about one centimeter or a little more.

Recipe for ripe banana pie – Step 6
Next, place the cheese in the center, making sure that the filling does not touch the edges or it will come out when you cool the Venezuelan empanadas.

You are stuffed with bananas without flour, you can fill them with anything, like for example mecha meat.

Recipe for ripe banana pie – Step 7
Close the banana and cheese pie with the bag still covering it. Make sure the edges of the dough touch each other, creating a semicircle. With a deep plate or a medium bowl turned downwards press the dough, trying to leave an edge.

Remove the leftover dough and unite with the rest of the dough.

Recipe for ripe banana pie – Step 8
Pre-heat a pan with oil and wait for it to warm up well. Place the banana and cheese pie carefully so that it does not splash and fry for about 3 minutes on each side, keeping the medium heat.

Wait until it is golden, but watch it not happen because the banana burns easily.

Recipe for Mature Banana Pie – Step 9
Doraditas and aromatics! These delicious ripe banana empanadas are ideal for breakfast and dinner. Kids will also love the semi-sweet flavor of these empanadas and their texture. So you will solve many snacks very pleasantly.

Tell me if you fell into the temptation to eat more than two. Please share a photo and your comments on this recipe.

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Recipe for ripe banana pie – Step 10
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