Puerto Rican Mofongo Recipe

Puerto Rican Mofongo Recipe

The mofongo is a typical dish of the cuisine of Puerto Rico and is made from green plantain. It has a consistency somewhat greater than that of mashed potatoes, and has a series of ingredients that provide aroma and flavor to the crushed banana. It is customary to serve as an accompaniment to meats or to taste it mixed with salad. If you want to know how to do it and eat it whenever you want, keep reading this recipe from RecetasGratis.net and learn to cook Puerto Rican mofongo.

2 diners
Low difficulty
Additional features: Cheap cost, Fried, Traditional Puerto Rican Recipe
2 Units of green-green bananas peeled and chopped into one-inch slices
1 Teaspoon of Butter or oleomargarina
4 Crushed garlic cloves
¼ Cup of bacon or fried bacon
1 pinch of salt
1 Pinch of Pepper to taste
1 Oil jet for frying
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Steps to follow to make this recipe:
The first thing you should do to prepare this Puerto Rican mofongo is to peel the plantains, cut them into slices and fry them in hot oil.

Puerto Rican Mofongo Recipe – Step 1
Remove the bananas from the pan when they are fried and reserve them. Now, take a mortar and start to butter the bacon and garlic cloves.

Once the previous ingredients are integrated, add the plantains cut into slices little by little so that it is easier to crush them. If you consider that the mofongo already has an adequate consistency without having added all the pieces of banana, do not add the rest and reserve them for another dish.

Add salt and pepper to taste and keep mixing until all the ingredients are completely integrated. When you have it ready, pour the dough into a small and rounded mold to shape the homemade mofongo. Then, roll it over the plate and remove it to leave the ball.

The Puerto Rican mofongo is served as a garnish for fried meat, pork chops, seafood or even salads and rice dishes. You can also accompany it with chicken pieces and the sauce that you like the most.

Puerto Rican Mofongo Recipe – Step 5
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