Recipe of Banana Buñuelos macho

Recipe of Banana Buñuelos macho

Do you have a craving for a dessert that is easy to prepare and delicious? What do you think about something prepared with a banana? It sounds good, does not it? The banana, also known as green banana, is a type of banana that is characterized by being larger, having a thicker shell and a hard pulp, which makes it impossible to consume without having previously gone through some cooking method . Once cooked, it is a fruit with a rich consistency and incredible flavor, and there is a wide variety of dishes in which it is the protagonist, in addition to everything, in terms of its nutritional value is high in potassium, magnesium and calcium, perfect for bones and muscles, and contains high amounts of vitamin B6, which is a great help for the immune system of our body, since it helps protect us from infections and viral diseases.

For all these benefits that gives us the male banana, this time, in RecipesGratis, we have decided to bring you a fascinating dessert made from this fruit, some delicious buñuelos of banana. Stay with us and discover step by step this simple and rich preparation.

4 people
Low difficulty
Additional features: Cheap cost, Fried, Mexican recipes
2 Pieces of Banana male
1 Cup of Flour for hotcakes
1 Teaspoon ground cinnamon
¼ Cup of Sugar (50 Grams)
2 Pieces of Egg
1 Tablespoon of Butter
½ Teaspoon of Salt
¼ Cup of Milk (60 milliliters)
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Steps to follow to make this recipe:
In the following image you will be able to observe the ingredients that we will need for the preparation of this exquisite dessert. Once all of them are together, to discover how to make male banana fritters, follow the instructions!

Banana Buñuelos Recipe – Step 1
Let’s start the recipe by preparing the mixture that will allow us to rebozar bananas. To do this, we take the flour for hotcakes and place it in a deep bowl with the cinnamon, sugar and salt, and mix well until everything is well integrated.

Banana Buñuelos Recipe – Step 2

Now, we take the eggs and add them to the mixture, beat with the help of a fork until all the ingredients are well integrated.

Banana Buñuelos Recipe – Step 3
Then, add the milk and melted butter to the batter and, once again, incorporate all the ingredients until a homogeneous mixture is observed. In this step, if you want, you can help with a hand blender to integrate the mixture and make it smooth.

Once the mixture is ready, we reserve a moment to continue with the recipe of easy banana donuts.

Banana Buñuelos Recipe – Step 4
So, we take the male bananas and slice them into slices about half a centimeter thick.

Recipe of Banana Fritters – Step 5

Submerge each of the slices in the batter that we prepared previously, ensuring that they are perfectly covered, as shown in the photograph. Keep in mind that the more covered the green banana is, the crispier the sweet donuts will be.

Recipe of Banana Fritters – Step 6
Now, place the sliced ​​male banana in a pan with enough hot oil, and let it cool. We must be vigilant to prevent the fried banana fritters from burning; likewise, we cook them over medium heat.

Once browned, remove the buns from the oil and place them on absorbent paper to remove excess fat they may have.

Banana Buñuelos Recipe – Step 7
And that’s it! We serve the sweet buñuelos of banana, accompanied by a bit of icing sugar or, if you prefer, condensed milk. Enjoy it!

Banana Buñuelos Recipe – Step 8
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