Recipe of green plantain tostones

Recipe of green plantain tostones

Plantain tostones are a basic preparation in Latin American cuisine, where plantain is a very common food. Learn how to make the famous green plantain tostones and surprise everyone is a different and original appetizer.

4 people
Low difficulty
Additional features: Cheap cost, Fried
1 Unit of Green Banana
1 clove garlic
1 Pound of Sunflower Oil
1 pinch of salt
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Steps to follow to make this recipe:
Before making plantain tostones, the first step is to prepare all the ingredients.

Green Banana Tostones Recipe – Step 1
Peel and cut pieces of banana diagonally, having a width of approximately 5 cm. You can guide yourself with the photo of the step.

Recipe of green plantain tostones – Step 2

Fry the pieces of green plantain at medium temperature for 5 minutes, until they are a little brown.

Recipe of plantain green plantains – Step 3
Immediately leave the oil pass through absorbent paper and crush in a plastic with the help of a kitchen board. It is important to crush the pieces of banana when they are hot, because if they get cold they do not stay the same.

Green Banana Tostones Recipe – Step 4
Macerate a garlic, mix with water and a pinch of salt and submerge the banana tostón for a few seconds.

Green Banana Tostones Recipe – Step 5

Immediately afterwards, return it to the pan with oil at medium temperature and fry for 3 more minutes until golden brown. Once ready, go through absorbent paper.

Green Banana Tostones Recipe – Step 6
Serve the green plantains tostones sprinkling with salt and enjoy. This type of tostones are ideal to accompany a chicken in sauce or use them to make the famous Venezuelan patacones. If you liked this recipe, have a comment or concern give us your opinion.

Green Banana Tostones Recipe – Step 7
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