Banana Recipe Roasted in Sarten

Banana Recipe Roasted in Sarten

Today we are going to prepare a fantastic recipe with plantain, it is pan-fried banana, very easy to make, very healthy and perfect to accompany any type of food.

It is said that the banana is the fruit of joy, this statement extends to its closest relative: the male banana. This has innumerable benefits for the body, thanks to all the nutrients it has. The plantain, plantain harton or plantain is a fruit of the Musaceae family, such as banana or banana. Yes, it’s your cousin-brother! In America there are large crops, which consumes a lot.

To make matters worse, their applications in the kitchen seem inexhaustible and one of those advantages is the ease to prepare it. Yes, almost all recipes that include banana are easy and fun from simple preparations like the classic fried slices to the original banana empanadas.

For this reason, in RecetasGratis we bring you a mega simple and cheerful recipe: banana roasted in a pan. Is something easier possible? If you want to improve your health and be more cheerful, you can include more male plantain in your diet.

1 diner
15 m
Low difficulty
Additional features: Cheap cost, Iron, Venezuelan recipes
1 Mature male banana
Extras to taste
Shredded white cheese
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Steps to follow to make this recipe:
Yes … only one ingredient! A ripe banana. If in your country the male banana only gets green, put it to mature in a paper bag, even better if you put another ripe fruit or cut it. They always paint skillet recipes well!

Trick: Fruits produce ethylene gas, which helps ripen.

Banana Recipe Roasted in Sarten – Step 1

Place a pan with a little water, just to moisten the surface. Cut the banana cocha along, only on one side and cook over medium heat.

Wait for it to cook on all sides, 8 minutes on each side. You can place a lid to concentrate the heat but always leave a space for the steam to come out. Taste these roasted bananas easily and quickly!

Banana Recipe Roasted in Sarten – Step 2

Place the roasted banana on the plate, cut it in half and fill it to your liking with a little butter and white cheese or … eat it alone! The frying pan recipes solve your life, without a doubt.

What a sweetie! In addition, this pan-roasted banana is an easy, quick and … healthy recipe. Go ahead and prepare it! And tell me how it turned out! Ah … please, do not forget the picture!

Banana Recipe Roasted in Sarten – Step 3
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