Recipe of ripe banana Cachapa

Recipe of ripe banana Cachapa

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Receta de la tentación de Bananas
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Receta de la tentación de plátanos
También conocido como plátano pícaro, los plátanos de tentación son un plato típico de las regiones del Caribe, principalmente en Colombia y Panamá. Este plato delicioso y tradicional es muy fácil de hacer y, aunque su sabor es dulce, por lo general se sirve como acompañamiento de las comidas.

4 people
Low difficulty
Additional features: Cheap cost, Recommended for vegetarians, Boiled, Colombian recipes
3 units of ripe banana
3 Tablespoons of Butter or margarine
6 Tablespoons of brown sugar or half sweet of panela or 1/4 cup of honey
6 Cinnamon Branches
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Steps to follow to make this recipe:
Cut each banana into 4 pieces. Sofrialos in the butter, turning them constantly. Let them brown on all sides. The banana for this recipe is also known as plantain.

Add water that covers them halfway. Add the brown sugar or honey and the pieces of cinnamon and let it boil.

Wait until the mixture is thick, like a caramel. The bananas should look dark because of the honey, and they should be completely cooked. Combine the temptation bananas with rice and meat.

Tip: This dish can also be served as a dessert accompanied with a little cream cheese

Recipe Bananas temptation – Step 3
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Recipe of ripe banana Cachapa
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By Eleonor Fischer, gastronomic photographer. March 31, 2017
Recipe of ripe banana Cachapa
We continue to teach you to cook different varieties of the delicious Venezuelan cachapas, because the truth is that we love them and besides being very easy to prepare, they are a perfect dish for people suffering from gluten intolerance.

Well, what we present in this opportunity is none other than the ripe banana cachapa. After you taste its sweet flavor and its tender texture, you will not see the cachapas in the same way. Also, this is a very healthy dish since we will take advantage of all the benefits of the banana as well as its antioxidant, mineral and fiber properties.

Follow the recipe step by step and you will see that you will want to repeat many times with this plate of banana cachapas that we show you at RecipeGratis.

4 people
Low difficulty
Additional features: Cheap cost, Recipe gluten free, Iron, Venezuelan recipes
½ Cup of Cornflower (62½ Grams)
1 Tablespoon of Baking powder
2 Ripe bananas (male banana)
2 Eggs
1 Cup of Oat Flakes (optional)
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Steps to follow to make this recipe:
Arrange the ingredients in the area where you will work. and … Hands on the job to make delicious banana cachapas!

If you have followed my other recipes of typical Venezuelan dishes you will see that there are other varieties of cachapas, the photos may be similar, but check the titles well because each dough is different like the one we are about to prepare, a cachapa without flour, with a sweet and smooth flavor thanks to the banana.

Cachapa Recipe for Ripe Banana – Step 1

Grate the banana as thin as possible. In Venezuela banana is called what is known in other countries as banana. Do not confuse it with the banana or the banana.

Recipe for ripe banana Cachapa – Step 2
To make the mass of the cachapas begins by pouring all the ingredients in a bowl or container. Remember that oatmeal flakes are optional, you can include them if you want to give more texture to the dough or simply if you want to include them in your breakfast.

Recipe of ripe banana Cachapa – Step 3
Use a wooden spoon to mix the ingredients and very well integrate the ingredients to create a homogeneous mass. Then, put a preferably anti-stick skillet on the fire and grease the surface a little to prevent the dough from sticking.

Place a portion of the mixture in the pan and cook 5 minutes on each side. Grease the pan again when you finish cooking each of the cachapas.

Recipe for ripe banana Cachapa – Step 4

En el momento de servir las cachapas maduras de plátano, acompañar con dulce o salado, con crema, mantequilla o incluso miel con un poco de queso blanco salado. Estas cachapas venezolanas son perfectas para comer a la hora de la cena, para comenzar el día en el desayuno o incluso para el almuerzo.

¿Cómo se quedaron las cachapas? ¿Con qué los llenaste? Tenemos curiosidad, por favor comparta con nosotros una foto y su experiencia interesante.

Receta Cachapa para Plátano Maduro – Paso 5
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